Affordable Housing and Tenant Protection

Linda has made tenant protection and the preservation of affordable housing a cornerstone of her tenure in office.

She is the sponsor of the bill to repeal vacancy destabilization and to provide rent-control tenants with rent increase relief.

She has fought tirelessly to end illegal hotel operations, which deprive hard-working families of affordable housing and drive up rents for all New Yorkers.

Linda has spent years fighting to protect her constituents against landlord harassment and eviction, and will never back down from a fight for what’s right.

Gender Equality and Women’s Rights

In addition to passing the law to make tampons, sanitary napkins and similar feminine hygiene products tax free this year, Linda has been a passionate advocate for gender equality.

She helped to make paid family leave a reality in New York, and is the sponsor of a number of pieces of legislation that would help close the gender wage gap.

She is working to remove the taboo from menstruation, and to make tampons safer for women’s bodies.

Public Education

Linda was instrumental in eradicating toxic PCBs from New York City public school buildings.

She has spent her career advocating for robust investment in New York City public schools.

She was influential in creating a new middle school on the Upper West Side and believes that every student has the right to receive an exceptional education in their community school.

Health Care

Linda has been working to protect children and the public against the dangers associated with electronic cigarettes by passing laws to ban the sale of e-cigarettes and liquid nicotine to minors, and requiring liquid nicotine be sold in child-resistant packaging.

As the Chair of the Committee on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, Linda fought to increase state funding for addiction prevention, education and treatment and passed a law requiring doctors receive training before prescribing opioids.

Linda passed the law allowing sick individuals to designate a caregiver who is required to be trained to provide at-home, post-discharge care.

Animal Welfare

Linda has passed more than a dozen laws to protect animals because she understands that it is our responsibility to give the voiceless a voice.

She passed the law to crack down on puppy mills in New York State, to extend order of protections to include companion animals, to allow therapy animals to accompany survivors to domestic violence shelters, and most recently, to require research animals be offered for adoption instead of being euthanized.

She is the sponsor of legislation to ban cat declawing, to make cruelty to wildlife a felony level offense and to move the animal crimes into the penal law, with all the other criminal penalties.

Environmental Protection

A staunch opponent of fracking, Linda organized for a fracking ban from the beginning.

Linda has passed laws to ban the sale of mercury and lead wheel weights, which become dislodged from cars and contaminate groundwater with dangerous chemicals.

She passed the law to expand and extend the solar tax credit, creating financial incentives for New Yorkers to transition to clean, safe and renewable energy sources.

LGBT Equality

Linda worked alongside advocates for years to make marriage equality a reality in New York.

She has been outspoken in her support of GENDA and is the sponsor of legislation to require single-use restrooms in New York State to be gender neutral.

She passed a law in 2006 allowing same-sex couples to both be listed on birth certificates.

Albany Reform

Linda is an independent voice for reform in Albany. Being a legislator is a full-time job for Linda, as she believes her constituents deserve full-time representation.

She voted in favor of the constitutional amendment enabling pension forfeiture for elected officials who are found guilty of public corruption.

Linda will fight to get the money out of politics, and work to close the LLC loophole.